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The Elements of a Rustic Home

When customers are first acquainted with Old Hickory Furniture, it is quite obvious that our pieces showcase a rustic design style but many still have questions about what it takes to build a rustic home. The most defining characteristic in a rustic home is the use of natural materials, such as wood and stone. Customers can live in any style of home, not just a log cabin, and bring a rustic feel to it just by putting emphasis on the natural and organic pieces. The rustic style should be approachable and welcoming, through a use of neutral color palettes. Bold paints can also be used to give a pop of color to a rustic space.

Over the last several years, Old Hickory has been working toward adding new product lines that represent a contemporary rustic style, which combines the elements of western design with a clean-lined modern feel. Since modern furniture is typically light and open, the combination of these styles is lighter than typical rustic pieces but still gives off a natural look.

Important Features:

Handmade: Since the hickory saplings come directly from nature, each piece is unique and to retain this characteristic the furniture needs to be made by hand. Natural lines are one of the clear distinctions between rustic design and other popular styles. To accurately represent the furniture’s history and character, it is important to find center pieces that are handcrafted.

Wood Texture: Speaking of natural, some of options when purchasing wood furniture are keeping the bark in its naturally rough form or sanding it down for a smoother appearance. It is important to be able to see and feel the wood texture in a rustic home. The uniqueness of each piece not only comes in shape but in texture as well, making it one of the highlights of rustic furniture.

Simple: When looking at what colors to use in a rustic home, usually natural color palettes are common. Greens, browns and grays are all popular, but any color palette found in nature complements rustic style. The simpleness of the design also aids in drawing the eye to the material used, rather than to the design or shape of the pieces.

Beams: When creating a rustic home, exposed beams are the perfect accent. Here at Old Hickory, we have a deep appreciation for history and these pieces are filled with stories. Not only do they carry history, but they also add elegance and warmth to any rustic space.


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