"American-Way" Collection with Russel Wright

Russel Wright was a popular American designer back in the 1930s through the 1950s, and created several well-known furniture lines including an "American-Way" collection with Old Hickory in 1941. Some of the pieces from this collection can still be purchased to this day and showcase the durability and longevity of our hickory furniture as well as the ongoing popularity of this antique line. Wright was known for embracing Modernism and was one of the first designers at this time to adopt such a simple and practical style. Not only was he known for supporting modern design, but also for successfully persuading Americans to adopt this style as well. This can be seen as one of the turning points in American history that is now represented through the modern style furnishings of the 21st century.

In the 1940s, Old Hickory was one of the first companies to successfully implement these designs and became the benchmark for the future of hickory furniture. Wright focused on shedding the weight and ornament of each furniture piece, while still keeping its natural rustic beauty & quality. He is also known for introducing a new light-colored finish - the tawny color of unstained samplings and splits - to Old Hickory furniture, which is closely related to the Puritan Finish we offer today. From presenting Russel Wight's "American-Way" designs in the 1940s to our modern product offerings today, Old Hickory will continue to prove our leadership and innovation in this industry. The black and white photographs shown below were taken around the 1940s when the furniture first hit the market and the other photos were taken more recently of the antique pieces that are still around to this day. At Old Hickory, we do not sell any of the original Russel Wright collection pieces.