Pioneers of Western Design: Old Hickory x Molesworth

Thomas Molesworth's mission to create a distinct style of Western design began in 1931. He opened Shoshone Furniture Company, a business that displayed other furniture manufacturer's work, including Old Hickory Furniture. This company soon matured into a manufacturing facility that created Molesworth's own designs. To this day, the original Molesworth furniture is still exceedingly popular and many pieces remain in good condition after ninety years. Old Hickory Furniture and Molesworth are both known for being pioneers of western design, and inspired each other to design the timeless pieces we provide to this day. To truly appreciate the history of western design, Old Hickory has continued to produce some items that have been offered at our company for over one hundred years, with few modifications. The No. 67 Rocker, the Andrew Jackson chair and the Hoop Settee are just a few examples of the product lines that were offered in the early 1900's and can still be purchased today.

Old Hickory's intricate molding of hickory saplings inspired Thomas to study the materials and styles needed to mold his own wood furniture. Molesworth's initial popularity stemmed from his use of fairly primitive designs such as wildlife and Native American imagery inlaid in wood furniture. He then inspired Old Hickory into using expressive imagery as well. The Cody Club chair and sofa are perfect examples of Molesworth-inspired furniture pieces. These items can still be done in the original Molesworth style using an Authentic Chimayo blanket. Yet, Old Hickory was not the only company inspired by Thomas's designs and distinct style. Foss Lampshades, a partner of Old Hickory Furniture located in Oakland, California, was also influenced and moved towards the production of rawhide shades in the 1930's. These shades are still used to this day and can bring a rustic feel to any space because of their natural strength and translucency. If you are interested in these unique rawhide shades, they can be purchased alongside any of our lighting options.

Old Hickory's Cody Club Chair with Red Authentic Chimayo Blanket