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123 Years & Counting

Today our company turns 123 years old! We want to give a special thanks to our amazing employees, customers, retailers, interior designers and collectors. Old Hickory would be nothing without you. As we have grown over the last century, we’ve launched new product lines, altered production to become more efficient, and learned from our successes and mistakes. Old Hickory’s goal since 1899 has been to create well-designed furniture in America using authentic materials and sustainably harvested hickory that will last multiple generations. It’s safe to say Old Hickory has surpassed this goal and claimed its place as a leader in the industry. Here is to the next 123 years!

P.S. For those who love our history, check out the gallery below and you will find two images of the Old Faithful Dining Room photographed 98 years apart! If you look closely you will notice our original dining chairs which are still in use to this day.


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